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Outside Inside  at Kerstin Engholm gallery

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Outside Inside

For the modernist architect, the development of sheet glass windows offered a revolutionary way to undermine notions of domestic privacy. Operating mainly as a horizontal framing device to its surrounding location, the sheet glass window, a recurring ingredient within early domestic designs, placed its occupant within a new, interior/exterior matrix. The plate glass window offered its inhabitants a new way of living, but it also reflected the controlling ego of its modernist designers and offered its occupants a modernist vision of omnipotent power.

The exhibition centres on a series of paintings of modernist, domestic interiors, set outside and inside and framed by surrounding sheet glass windows. Applied to the walls are vertical and horizontal strips of coloured vinyl that replicate the partial framing of the paintings. The homogenous interior design of the white cube, a continuing legacy of modernist ideology, seduces by isolating the art exhibited. In contrast, the installation for Outside Inside expands the paintings out onto the gallery wall and the viewers’ spatial relationship. Playfully setting out to inter-connect between both worlds: private space becoming public and the viewer becoming voyeur.

In the second space of the gallery, the installation confronts the reduction of the female to sensual objects, which is a recurring problematic of modernism and a central theme in the first exhibition space, with a portrait series of  significant women modernists. Paying tribute to the emancipated Bauhaus artists, many of whom were ignored by the galleries, museums and institutions that exhibited their fellow male artists.

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